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6 Personalized Incentives Your Drivers Will Love

What driver doesn’t love free stuff? But free stuff that will help them put extra money in their pocket is guaranteed to be a big hit! No matter your budget or referral program, every trucking company should consider some sort of incentive to keep referrals top of mind when their drivers are out on the road. Check out our list of easy to implement incentives that may just help grab your next referral’s attention.

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Your biggest untapped resource: Marketing your referral program to new drivers

Have you considered marketing your driver referral program to new drivers during orientation? Promoting your referral program during the onboarding process may be your biggest untapped resource!

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The Secret to a Top-Notch Referral Program

Two essential ingredients for successful hiring these days: Referrals and Marketing.

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From Uncertainty to the Future: As states and cities reopen for business, is your organization ready?

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our economy like nothing in recent memory. Trucking has been under continual pressure to serve the immediate needs of communities while dealing with a workforce impacted by health-related issues. Unlike other industries that can operate remotely, drivers need to show up in person. At the same time, the supply of new drivers has tightened due to closures of trucking schools and lack of training opportunities.

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Top 5 Questions About the Best Recruiting Strategies, Answered

In this deep dive, RocketCDL Director of Sales and DriverReach CEO Jeremy Reymer take a deep dive into the top referral strategies.

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Assigning Credit for Driver Referrals: Problem-Free Tracking through RocketCDL

Does your organization have an accurate way to track and reward driver referrals? Demand for truckers is growing. Your recruiters are spread thin. Referrals for new hires are more important than ever—but your drivers are unlikely to offer leads if they aren’t confident about receiving due credit. Here’s how an efficient, mobile-first system can help.

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