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June 2022 Newsletter

RocketCDL announces new features!

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Tyler Billeg Joins RocketCDL

RocketCDL announces today a new addition to its team. Tyler Billeg comes to RocketCDL from a career in the carrier side of the transportation industry where he worked in various safety and recruiting leadership roles. Tyler’s passion is helping drivers and companies in the industry engage more to reduce turnover and improve their safety culture.

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What keeps so many driver referral programs from succeeding?

What makes a good driver referral program can sometimes be a mystery. We lay everything out for you here, from strategy to communication.

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The Golden Ticket to CDL Referrals

As freight starts to pick up and recruiting begins to rebound, it is natural that your team’s bandwidth may be stretched thin as you work to keep up with demand. One area of your hiring funnel that can easily take a back seat is your referral program, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Not Marketing Your Referral Program is Hurting Your Bottom Line

Large referral bonuses and happy drivers don’t always equate to consistent referrals. So what can increase referral leads? While defining the success of a referral program is unique to every carrier, there are a number of universal truths each can benefit from to build a referral program that works for them. One truth for every carrier’s referral program: Marketing is essential.

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How to Show Appreciation to Your Drivers Year-Round

Fleets are getting more creative, putting exciting programs in place to help boost driver engagement and company transparency, but are they remembering to share these perks to their drivers once they’ve been onboarded?

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