Gamify and automate your driver rewards and retention

Engage and incentivize your fleet with personalized rewards and recognition.
Driver incentives Platform

Gamified rewards programs, out of the box

Turn driver milestones into retention opportunities
Reward and recognize your drivers automatically for milestones such as birthdays and work anniversaries.
Seamlessly manage your driver retention & safety initiatives
Engage and reward drivers for safe driving, compliance, completing mandatory training, and more.
Personalize your drivers’ rewards experience
Give your drivers reward freedom – rewards can be instantly fulfilled by RocketCDL or redeemed from your company store.

Turn everyday driver events into retention opportunities


Your drivers are some of your best recruiters. Maximize your referral program by gamifying lead submissions and hires.

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Safety is critical to your bottom line. Promote and reward safe driving by giving your drivers points for maintaining a clean record.

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Recognize your drivers' employment milestones and continued support through a unified rewards platform,

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process transparecy

Gain real-time insights into your driver engagement

Easily track and manage your top-performing incentives
RocketCDL integrates marketing data and goal completion tracking to clarify what's working.
Adjust your rewards and messaging in real-time
Real-time marketing analytics give you the information you need to increase the value of a goal completion or make messaging adjustments.
Achieve a bullet-proof ROI on your marketing efforts
Illuminate the effectiveness of your campaigns to maximize your bottom line.
marketing automation

Hands-off digital marketing

Free up your marketers' time
Give your team a break and consolidate your rewards marketing into a centralized, automated platform.
Optimized communication scheduling
RocketCDL intelligently adjusts send times to maximize open rates and engagement based on drivers’ individual behavior.
Cohort-based targeting and insights
Gain visibility into how different groups within your fleet engage with your rewards marketing.

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