Your biggest untapped resource: Marketing your referral program to new drivers

Have you considered marketing your driver referral program to new drivers during orientation? Promoting your referral program during the onboarding process may be your biggest untapped resource!

Drivers new to your company, especially those who recently graduated from CDL school, know a number of other drivers who are excited to get to work both on the road with a company their friend has a positive personal experience with and with referrals.

Here are some insider secrets to help you perfect the rollout of your referral program to new drivers:

1. Talk about your referral program during orientation. Whether it be an orientation team member or a recruiter that visits with your new class, have them highlight how easy and profitable submitting referrals can be and encourage them to use your team as a resource if they have any questions. If your drivers understand the process and how they can benefit from simply referring a friend, they are more likely to refer sooner and more frequently, especially when they’re excited about their new job with your company.

2. Post or handout infographics about your referral program at your terminals. While your team is talking with drivers about your referral program, give them information to reference later. Flyers given to drivers or posted in your terminals spotlighting your referral program’s current promotions, hiring requirements, and bonus payout structure will increase the number of touchpoints and remind your drivers of the rewards available to them.

3. Run contests frequently and consistently. To encourage app adoption if you use a service or software like RocketCDL, require your drivers to submit leads through the app only instead of other avenues your company may have used previously in order to be entered in the contest. This will greatly assist in streamlining lead attribution and use of your referral program.

4. Incentivize with Amazon or other gift card rewards. When a driver submits leads through the app, reward them. If a driver knows they are guaranteed a reward, they are more likely to engage with the contest. One proven model is to award your drivers with a $5 gift card for a single lead and a $25 gift card for 5 leads. Instead of a raffle where winning is not guaranteed, everyone who participates is compensated

Familiarizing new drivers with your company’s referral program and its benefits will help your company and your drivers in the long run. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to tap into these networks with a well-run referral program. Your new drivers could very well be your biggest referral resource!

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