The Golden Ticket to CDL Referrals

When RocketCDL first launched, we thought the driver app would be the answer to fleet’s referral challenges, but as data from some of our customers’ referral programs started flowing in, we started to realize that the component we thought was the referral program game-changer may be trumped by something more critical to a referral program’s success.

As freight starts to pick up and recruiting begins to rebound, it is natural that your team’s bandwidth may be stretched thin as you work to keep up with demand. One area of your hiring funnel that can easily take a back seat is your referral program, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

At first we thought the driver app was the end-all be-all of a mature referral program, but what we learned is that Internal Marketing is really the golden ticket.

Marketing has the capability to:

1. Increase visibility of your referral program and empower your drivers to take advantage of current promotions and contests. Afterall, drivers can’t participate in incentives they don’t know about.

2. Develop lasting relationships with your audience and incentivize your drivers to stay with your company longer than non-referring drivers. Rewarding your drivers for their hard work will help strengthen your relationship with them and build a fleet of driver advocates.

3. Build credibility and loyalty. Marketing your program consistently and frequently while also offering valuable prizes and rewards customized for your unique set of drivers will help to build your company’s credibility and loyalty to your drivers. Remember, loyalty breeds loyalty. (Stay tuned for our driver feedback blog post coming out next week!)

To dig deeper into marketing a top-of-the line referral program, see our blog post on utilizing marketing to increase your referral leads: Not Marketing Your Referral Program is Hurting Your Bottom Line (Linked here:

We know Marketing can be a tough nut to crack. That’s why we’ve removed the trial and error for you and incorporated what we know to be true into our platform.

Don’t let your referral hiring funnel take a back seat. It’s time to turbocharge your referral program.

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