Selling the Job Doesn’t Stop After the Driver is in the Door

Fleets are getting more creative, putting exciting programs in place to help boost driver engagement and company transparency, but are they remembering to share these perks to their drivers once they’ve been onboarded?

Below are some ideas on what you can share with your drivers to help control the conversation around your company and make sure your drivers know the resources available to them.

• Frequently Asked Questions

• Driver Resources & Safety Guidelines

• Pay Package & Extra Pay Opportunities

• Sign-on Bonuses & Tuition Reimbursement

• Benefits Package Options

• Apprenticeship & On-the-Job Training (OJT) Programs

• Employee Assistance Program

• Family Coaching & Spouse Support Programs

• Career Path Opportunities Within Your Company

• Your Company’s Social Media Platforms

Now, we know that getting this information out to your drivers is no simple task!

Building a team to manage extensive, engaging campaigns over multiple platforms and keep up with constantly changing initiatives can be both costly and time consuming.

Where most struggle is in finding an easy way to make sure their drivers are armed with the latest information.

If you could guarantee easier execution for your team and more knowledge for your drivers, would you look to grow your internal marketing strategy?

Set it and forget it with LAUNCH by RocketCDL, our new automated drip messaging tool, plus our expert team to help you manage it! Let us show you how!

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