Not Marketing Your Referral Program is Hurting Your Bottom Line

Large referral bonuses and happy drivers don’t always equate to consistent referrals. So what can increase referral leads?

While defining the success of a referral program is unique to every carrier, there are a number of universal truths each can benefit from to build a referral program that works for them. One truth for every carrier’s referral program: Marketing is essential.

Here are three marketing strategies used by some of the nation’s top carriers:

Utilize automated drip marketing

Using all the marketing tools in your toolbox is critical to having a healthy and prosperous referral program. Employ automated drip marketing so that your drivers are constantly presented with new information about your referral program. Generate interest and excitement amongst your driver base so they’re aware of the current bonuses and rewards available. Awareness of your referral program is critical to reaching not only your hiring goals, but maintaining a successful business. A multi-tiered approach using SMS, mobile app push notifications, and email means easier consumption of your message by your drivers.

Get creative with your message and your rewards

If you send the same message over and over, it will become stale to your drivers. Try employing short term strategies such as month-long contests to reward drivers for clean DOT inspections or $50 Amazon gift cards for 5 submitted leads in a certain time period. Whatever you do, make sure your drivers are excited about its prospect.

Consistency is king

We often hear from carriers that they sporadically market their referral program to their drivers or only talk about it briefly during orientation. A truly healthy referral program requires consistent communication to your drivers about what rewards are available to them. Consistently marketing what bonuses they can redeem for referral submissions will help your referral program stay top-of-mind.

Making a top-of-the-line referral program

Running an effective marketing campaign and maintaining priority in a driver’s already demanding position can be difficult. RocketCDL was born out of the need to run a top-of-the-line referral program, as even the most technologically savvy fleets may find barriers because of the many moving pieces in the driver referral process. From marketing to getting referrals in your ATS, alerting referrers of their lead’s status to paying out bonuses, we strive to make this process easier for your entire team. We’ve worked to streamline this process so your referral program becomes an active benefit to your drivers, not something on the sidelines.

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