How to Show Appreciation to Your Drivers Year-Round

This year's National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is September 13-19, 2020 and takes on a special significance because of the major role truck drivers play in keeping America moving through often difficult times in 2020.

One word: Communication.

Drivers are an important part of the nation’s economy in addition to being the biggest asset to your team. So how can you show appreciation for your drivers during Driver Appreciation Week and all year long without breaking the bank on special lunches, activities, and prize drawings? One word: Communication.

Drivers express time and time again that they want to be treated with respect. A huge part of respect is communication and transparency. How should you be communicating with your drivers?


The more frequently you communicate with your drivers, whether it be by email, text, in-truck messages, video, or other means, they want to be kept in the loop about things going on at your company, the good and the not so good. As long as they are prepared for a situation they have the opportunity to adapt.


By communicating consistently, your team controls the message about whatever news you have to share by not letting the rumor mill run wild with speculation. Share who the driver’s resource is for questions so they can go to that person instead of getting incorrect information from an outside source.


Drivers are the stars of the show at any carrier so they should be kept in the loop just like any other team member. Their position just makes it a little more challenging to ensure they receive the same priority in communication. The goal is to make sure they feel like part of the team!


Collect information about how your drivers would like to be communicated with and tailor your team’s contact with them through these channels. This will also make your drivers feel appreciated because you listened to what was best for them. Also, communicate company-wide information through multiple channels so the driver can consume the information your putting out however he would like.

Communicating is a win-win for the driver and the company. Communication creates trust and trust creates loyal drivers.

RocketCDL can help you communicate with your drivers more consistently and easily with our automated marketing tools. Your messages and timelines can be set so you know that they’re receiving important information about your programs, special promotions, and company news without having to do it manually. Free up your resources and keep drivers fully in the loop, what’s not to love?

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