How CDL referrals can help save the ever-growing driver shortage

America is experiencing a major driver shortage. This hiring tool has changed the hiring game for fleets.

America is experiencing a major driver shortage, and even though many freights are increasing their pay scale and bonuses, there are still not enough drivers to go around. According to industry experts, 60,000 additional drivers are already needed to meet the robust needs of the trucking industry today. Furthermore, the driver shortage may triple by 2026. We need to find a solution to our current day transportation and shipping demands, and we need to find it fast.

So what’s causing this shortage? The driver shortage can be chalked up to a number of factors: an aging workforce, high driver turnover rates, reduced driver capacity, increasing freight demand, inflationary pressures, and lifestyle priorities that are putting the trucking industry at a disadvantage (The Street).

Fortunately, there is one solution that has been proven to help: referrals. CDL referrals have changed the hiring game for fleets. Some fleets, including Walmart, have increased their hiring through referrals by 65% (Business Insider). According to some marketing experts, referral marketing generates 3-5x higher conversion rates than any other channel (Annex Cloud). Additionally, the referred candidate is significantly more likely to accept the job and stay on the job for three or more years, making CDL referral hiring one of the most effective ways to recruit and retain top-level CDL candidates.

Looking to grow your fleet and beat the driver shortage? RocketCDL can help you find and retain top CDL talent. With the driver shortage ever-growing, outdated recruiting methods will only waste your precious resources. Referrals are the key to a profitable future. Let us help you get there. 

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