From Uncertainty to the Future: As states and cities reopen for business, is your organization ready?

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our economy like nothing in recent memory. Trucking has been under continual pressure to serve the immediate needs of communities while dealing with a workforce that’s been impacted, like us all. Unlike other industries that can operate remotely, drivers need to show up in person. At the same time, the supply of new drivers has tightened due to closures of trucking schools and lack of training opportunities.

Under such challenging conditions, it’s difficult to know how to prioritize and plan. One thing’s for sure: consumer demand may be down, but that won’t last long. At the same time the freight environment may become more competitive, with companies competing for loads. So how can your company get a jump on the future?

RocketCDL’s online platform for hiring and communications can support your company’s ability to stay nimble and efficient through uncertain times.

Here’s how:

- Doing more with less: When budgets and margins are lean, an automated referral process can save your organization time and money. Your staff can spend less time chasing down manual leads and filling out spreadsheets, and more time finalizing hiring agreements.

- Increase engagement with your fleet: RocketCDL’s mobile-first recruiting tools allow you to effectively engage your current drivers via their mobile devices, speeding up the referral process and impacting retention.

- Communicating remotely with teams: Your recruiters face new challenges as they work from home. RocketCDL’s software allows you to automate the hiring process, eliminating time-consuming tasks like phone calls and emails. Your teams can share and update information seamlessly via cloud-based spreadsheets, with no delays due to home restrictions even if quarantines are reinstituted.

No one knows precisely when and how our economy will recover. But companies that take advantage of new and efficient online tools may find themselves better prepared for what lies ahead.

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