Conversion Interactive Conference: The Secret to Retention is CDL Referrals

We recently attended the Conversion Interactive Annual Recruitment and Retention Conference in Nashville, and what we learned about driver retention blew us away. We learned that for drivers who stay on for more than two years, referrals are by far the most common hiring avenue. Almost four times more of these loyal drivers come from referrals than any other method of recruitment including training schools, rehires, and job boards (DriverIQ). All three of the conference nominees for Transport Topics Recruiting Professional of the Year claimed referrals were their number one source for hires. The Winner, Rochel Lovell with Milan Supply Chain Solutions, noted that they hired a whopping 44% of their drivers through referrals.

In today’s economy, CDL referrals are one of the most valuable hiring sources for trucking companies. Referrals are the glue to retention and hiring: Referral candidates are five times more likely to get hired than other candidates, and the referral process saves the company precious resources. Not only are referrals the most efficient at filling job positions, but 46% of referred candidates stay with their company for at least three years (Technologist HR). Each week a truck goes undriven due to lack of a driver poses a massive opportunity cost that can cut deep into your company’s revenue.

There simply is no more powerful a tool in recruiting than employee referrals. They are too valuable a hiring source to not be utilized — you need reliable CDL referrals to survive and thrive in our economy.

RocketCDL can help you stop wasting precious resources on outdated recruiting methods so you can recruit CDL talent. Our technology allows for quick turnaround, transparency, and communication with drivers. We offer the ability to run contests, provide different incentives to different drivers, view granular analytics about engagement with your referral program, and more. Referrals are the key to a profitable future. Let us help you get there.

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