6 Personalized Incentives Your Drivers Will Love

What driver doesn’t love free stuff? But free stuff that will help them put extra money in their pocket is guaranteed to be a big hit!

No matter your budget or referral program, every trucking company should consider some sort of incentive to keep referrals top of mind when their drivers are out on the road.

Check out our list of easy to implement incentives that may just help grab your next referral’s attention.

1. Personalized or Branded Gear

Drivers are proud to show off the company they work for so why not make them your personal billboard? T-shirts, embroidered jackets, logoed hats, and gloves are all easy ways for your driver to get noticed when they’re at a truck stop or one of your customers!

2. Truck Decals

If a driver is a high performer or recruits for you frequently, consider giving him a special decal for his truck. This could serve as a conversation starter and make your driver feel recognized in the process.

3. Banners & Pop Up Displays

Do your drivers ever travel to CDL schools or truck shows? Send your drivers pop up banners with information about your company or the job you’d like to promote.

4. Business Cards

Personalized business cards are a great way to make your driver feel like recruiting for your company is a real side gig or personal business venture.

5. Extra Truck Washes

Drivers take pride in their truck and if you want to make sure you’re giving them the tools to put their best foot forward when recruiting, give them the tools to keep their office clean! Providing extra truck washes ensures your driver is always prepared to show off your equipment to potential drivers and keeps your reputation stellar too!

6. Access to Special Contests or an Elite Group

If you have drivers that recruit for you regularly, consider creating a group or special contests to show them you value the time they spend in referring and supporting your company. Joining this elite group could entail access to any of the items mentioned above as well.

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