5 Tools You Can Give Your Fleet to Boost Referrals & Engage Your Drivers

Everyone is looking for ways to get quality candidates in your truck, but what tools can you give your drivers to help the cause?

Here are 5 things you can give your drivers and brand ambassadors to up your referral game and engage your team in the process!

1. Personalized Incentives

Drivers are proud to show off the company they work for so why not make them your personal billboard? From personalized gear to extra truck washes, there are so many ways you can promote your company and provide a useful tool for your driver to recruit at the same time. Check out our previous blog for an extensive list of ideas!

2. Information About Your Requirements or Special Promotions

Keep your drivers in the loop! Whether it be by posting or handing out information at your terminals or creating a special landing page for this info, always try to keep your hiring requirements and special promotions like sign-on bonuses, tuition reimbursement, etc available to your drivers. This will allow them to speak intelligently and accurately about what your company has to offer potential candidates.

3. Designated Recruiter or Referral Team

By having a designated recruiter or team that handles referrals, you’ll be able to create a personal relationship with the driver and in turn, drive more referrals. This way, drivers will also know who to go to with questions about your referral program, current requirements or promos, and the status of previously referred candidates.

4. Swag to Give out to Other Drivers

Just like your drivers like swag and branded gear, potential candidates love free, useful stuff. Give your drivers lightweight pamphlets and swag that will be useful to drivers like pens, hand sanitizer, reusable straws, shower bags, hats, water bottles, light keychains, portable chargers or anything creative your team can think of! Keep your company top of mind with these simple, inexpensive ideas.

5. A Referral Platform to Track Their Leads In

As much as you’d like to be available to call and personally talk with every driver about each referral, sometimes it’s simply not possible. Let a driver referral platform like RocketCDL take the guesswork out of where a referral is at in the process for both you and your drivers. With RocketCDL, you can let your driver know about where their referrals are at in your onboarding process plus keep them up-to-date on the latest news at your company, and manage contests all without having to pick up the phone and personally call each driver. Put the tools your driver needs at his fingertips.

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