Giving Fleets Modern Tools to Engage Their Drivers

RocketCDL was founded in 2017 to address the current difficulties faced by motor carriers in finding, hiring, and retaining the best possible drivers. We are creating responsive, tailored software that helps you centralize your driver rewards, referrals, and incentives programs under one unified platform.

Meet the team

James Robinson
Founder & CEO

I've spent my entire career working to build innovative hiring solutions for the trucking industry. With RocketCDL, my team and I have built truly unique solutions for driver engagement, referrals, and retention. I'm passionate about helping fleets build meaningful relationships with their drivers through human-focused technology. I look forward to working with you to bring your driver programs to the next level!

Nate Tellis
Co-Founder and CTO

In addition to helping develop RocketCDL's cutting edge web and mobile infrastructure, I bring a fluency with statistics and data to the team. I enjoy employing my extensive background in scientific research to help fleets leverage their data to reach new heights of efficiency. Come to me for any questions about integration partnerships, and stay tuned for exciting additions to the RocketCDL Platform.

Tyler Billeg
Vice President of Growth

I've spent my career in transportation on the carrier side in various leadership roles in safety and recruiting. I've now pivoted to the software side where I am helping RocketCDL customers automate and incentivize their retention and rewards programs. My passion is helping drivers and companies in the industry engage more to reduce turnover and improve their safety culture. Come to me with any questions and learn how to implement RocketCDL into your company today!

Zoey Olbum
Operations & Marketing Manager

I've spent my career focusing on helping companies develop a digital brand and accomplish their marketing goals. At RocketCDL, I implement processes and practices that help our team help freight companies make a killer referral program. I also manage RocketCDL's brand and marketing presence, along with the behind-the-scenes operations.

Kaitlynn Henderson
Creative Director

I have spent my career as a creative problem-solver! As RocketCDL's Creative Director, I construct eye-catching campaigns and driver-facing materials. I have a passion for design and marketing, and my goal is to work with you to produce the best driver communications possible.

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